Fed and Famished

by Chance York

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Fed and Famished is a brief yet robust sampling of Chance and Mayson's heady flavors. Shiny and new from RiverRock Studios, Fed and Famished will be self-released for free download on April, 5 2016 at chanceyorkmusic.com. Pre-order for $1 and receive the project a day early. Pre-order the CD and receive the digital album two days early.


released April 5, 2016

All lyrics by Chance York (Fast x Food features some words by Vie Boheme)
All tracks produced by Eric Mayson & Chance York
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at RiverRock Studios and Third Space by Eric Blomquist and Eric Mayson in Northeast Minneapolis, MN. 2016
Photo and Artwork by: Matt Gorrie
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Chance York Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis-born Chance York has made himself brand new again. Known for his work with bands, Crunchy Kids, and the new and acclaimed, Eric Mayson’s Detail, Chance is fresh, a stylish indie-rap head, at home on dingy basement stages and in classy auditoriums. His music has a universal appeal, a merger of depth and optimism, raw lyricism and style.
Photos: Kristina Ramtahal Labbe and
Adam Degross
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Track Name: Welcome to Warp Zone
Twin Cities look like Sim City since my mid-twenties
and playing games ain’t trendy again
and y’all could take my time to make a dime
but nobody told you money’s pretend
I’m striving for moderation
to find it inside my nature
not the lies they designed onto cotton paper
what you want? what you need? what’d it be?
after I drop this number two
it’s number three
sun comes up
I know this number
another night I undersleep
it’s no wonder if she’d ever want to fuck a younger me

time keeps on slipping into a warp zone

I’m punching bricks because I need a one up
I need a vine to climb to get to where police doesn’t come
I had a dream
sent to me through a wormhole
said I should skip the next century
ducking into a warp zone

time keeps on slipping into a warp zone

Chance has friends with caps and stems
and road flares and crow bars and semtex
got four ski masks
one for me three for my princesses
until the vacas come home
I’m drinking water don’t even bother asking
why I’m rocking the boat
I swirl around and have it splashing in my cup
here’s to all my hopes that someone keep you passionately fucked
Track Name: Harden the Paint
Watch as my devices suck the life out me
I'm hiding out on the 9th story
light-skinned, night-vision goggles,
cut the lights homey.
I live a life where my child can go shopping often or ride ponies
though I smoked weed complete with right motives
Even when I sleep I dream and keep the eye focused
Even though I been low
I've been up for a while
a couple different addresses but the same numbers to dial
so leave a message, precious
if there ain't a tone
remembering the days of pay phones and pager codes
and fat fannies with panties on.
Since back in the day, eleventh grade, crazy for the things I'd never known.
Don't let oxygen in
or it gon' harden the paint
I believe solutions can grow out of complaints realistically
cuz we ain't seen the worst of it yet
only friendly competition I know is versus my friends
not concerned with the rest and not to circumvent my personal debts
By/buy all means don't purchase certain ends
and watch as my devices suck the life out me.

November night, long johns, long drink, long pause
then get to stepping feel like strutting like an outlaw
need a long walk with my thoughts til I'm feeling better
cuz outside it's either cold or it's mosquito weather
and mediocrity means weak endeavors
while on weekends eternity wishes we could be forever
This has to be the most fantastic night I've ever lived
cuz in the morning I'ma be up with the kids
I miss seeing my eyelids
besides them and my woman I really got what?
A couple friends, mind, body, and some pot crumbs
Just cuz I'm late don't mean I'm not coming
escaping since the summer with the Saab and the job at the Tom Thumb
evident to me that sugar makes the medicine more sweet for my tastebuds anyone with elementary intelligence eventually see
that's the biggest piece of where I came from
What if we looked up to the sky more?
Be like our ancestors instead of being cyborgs
don't let the man catch you asking all them questions
questioning the structures that's obstructing your perspective
Like, how many bricks?
How many bricks does it take to make a skyscraper?
How many bricks does it take to break the windows in the whole thing?
Trick is, they smiling while they violate you
to make it more convincing that it's win/win

How many bricks does it take to make a skyscraper?
How many bricks does it take to break the windows in the whole thing?
Track Name: Meet Eaters
I’m on a southeast corner of a Northeast block
where traffic drives by and sometimes it stops
and hears my thoughts
here’s my thoughts

When I was a kid I was spitting and flipping burgers
picking and flicking boogers onto solid food
water soluble, diluted.
Don’t be deluded
I don’t like wishbones for one reason
because there’s only one winner
and two losers
mixed and matched
with misogynistic dick-heads and scabs
cocks up like chanticleer
I wear my scars like rings
on a Planeteer
The underdog still swinging
just made a mess of February
I want to know who’s coming with me
break it down into digestible bits
then detonate it on anyone it hits
because constant contemplation
complicate my complications
and all my obligations
confiscate my concentration

I used to have nothing to lose
now I got nothing to prove
twisting my nuts to the screws
claiming I don’t give a fuck but I do.

Made it through the fire
thats why right now I feel incredible
pick your poison and then you can pick your antidote
pick your poison just so you can pick your antidote.
Track Name: Fast x Food
What we find is what we make
A product of our makers if not ours
though it takes hours
and time is worth more than money
am I right? Yes.
But one cannot afford an effort
if one doesn't make one
but what does one and one make then
if too busy to make time
when one's got it made
I picture pristine big screens
of big foot, beef jerky, big gulps and inputs
and pin ups with thick butts
I tune out when i tune in Yes
No indication of innovation
or inspiration it is basic
old and unoriginal
while my inner-glow is Indiglo
with little known problems
and columns all in a row.

Everybody means to order from the dollar menu
no one reads it's two separate menus
no one pays attention
Track Name: Good Touch
She had that little something
the most modest I’d seen
this part of the conversation I was pondering things
my head spinning around just like a washing machine
no amount of detergent promise that the laundry was clean
I mean I’m glad I know you
I’m gotta do a show out of town
and if you wanted you could roll too
I won’t lie
sometimes are awesome with me
I won’t bite
not unless one of these zombies get me
but don’t quote me
cruising down this road at slow speeds
leaning closely
playing Scrabble like its poetry
triple letter bonus
told me you were shy
but I would never notice
I like this
I’d like to see where it goes then.

Might as well stay and make something of it
if you’re gonna keep hanging around
'cause I know you feel something between us
and maybe we can figure it out
I said might as well
All I touch is gold
King Midas yea
so you might as well

I usually take my time
instead this time it took me
into one of those situations
I was happy to be
where rest and relaxation
turned to rapidly breathing
had to check my pulse to know that it was happening even
what a feeling
was all of this a part of the game
lucky me
she played my shadow for the following day
by the week
I made the comment that she might as well stay
she treated me like a king
like she’d just caught a bouquet
and that’s not really my thing
but must admit I’d been lonely
don’t misktake me for safety
I’ll make you crazy
true story.
here’s the real challenge
can both of us stay shining
or grow cold and metallic
King Midas.
Track Name: Learned
Watch how I lay this text
display the great design
was gonna take my time but now the baby’s crying

I need relief so I can pee this stream of consciousness
I hope for you
may all your lucid dream be free of consequence
while every working system has it’s kinks
metaphors define the way we think
and all our thoughts are put in little packages
and words are just a conduit we send them through
but often times our thoughts don’t fit in packages
'cause words mean different things depending who you’re talking to
I might be losing sleep
that’s tight, tight like how I squeeze her
raising daughters if all goes right
one day she ain’t gon’ need you
her life is not a soap opera Mama
but it seems like all my children keep my daytime
filled with drama
and my night times are all finite
never long as I’d hoped
and I learned to swallow my pride
but it tastes like vomit in my throat
while I got audiences applauding the quotes
Whatever whatever
rising like the water level
until the siege happens
why these people keep asking
beliefs are realer than those that speak but ones that seek action
prematurely way before they thought it through
become and obstacle
for any movement when its really time to move
I got a lot of things to learn but even more things to forget
got more people influencing me but less that I’m gon’ let
‘cause I know
I know a lot of know-it-alls
I know a lot
I know enough to know
that i don’t know